High Finesse Orthogonal Collimation

The Ceravolo Astrograph offers many design enhancements over other high-end Cassegrain telescopes, perhaps the most significant being the ease of collimation. A great deal of effort was expended developing the primary and secondary mirror cells to make high finesse collimation a simple procedure. The astrograph's precision opto-mechanical components allow for a minimum of collimation adjustments. Simply put, the less adjustments an optical system has, the easier it is to align.

The primary mirror is pre-aligned with the field corrector lenses and bonded in the 6-point flotation cell. Therefore, collimation of the Ceravolo Astrograph requires only simple tip/tilt adjustments of the secondary mirror.

The intuitively simple left/right and up/down motion of our orthogonal secondary mirror cell removes the often-frustrating guesswork associated with typical 3-point cells and the ultra-fine, 80 thread-per-inch screws make precision adjustments easy, allowing one to accurately finesse collimation.

Click here for tips on collimating the Ceravolo 300 (pdf)